Feminism isn’t an elite club, stop treating it like one.

Let me start this with one simple statement.

I really can’t stand the Kardashians, not one bit.

I don’t understand the hype, I never have and I really hope I never will. I wasn’t a fan back when Kylie was still sweet and innocent, and I’m not a fan now that she seems to be dictating every social media platform. Kim K got made famous for a sex tape and to be fair to her she’s made it into a pretty secure business plan. I don’t really like the way she lives her life, I think her husband is one of the biggest arseholes to walk the planet and I’m pretty sure we would have nothing in common if we happened to bump into each other on the street but that’s not the issue at hand. Do I think she’s a feminist? And this really is the kicker – who the fuck am I to say she’s not?

There have been a lot of essays and opinion pieces circling around the issue of women being naked in the press, from one girl to another, each shedding light on what they think a feminist and more importantly a role model should do. From Chloë Grace Moretz saying she should be a better role model and Bette Midler throwing some serious shade at her tendency to get a bit naked, it all prompted a rather serious essay from Kim K herself, stating that showing off her naked body makes her feel empowered -making everyone shut up for a little bit.

I was talking to an amazing friend of mine about this last night, and she brought up an incredible point. Everyone feels empowerment in different ways. Kim K has the genes and the money to keep her body in tip-top shape, and media scope for a naked selfie to spread like wildfire all over the world, and if that’s empowerment for her, that’s great, you do you. Other women feel empowered when they complete a piece of work they feel proud of, or finish a good book, taking a good picture or when they buy a new pair of jeans or some new lingerie and feel sexy. Empowerment is different for everyone, there’s no one size fits all and there’s definitely no rule book to it, so why are we trying to create one? The word feminist and the movement in general also means different things to different people, it isn’t an elitist club that only some women can join and it isn’t a collection of different cliques in an uninviting world, it’s a movement, focusing on  genuine issues and concern built to empower people of the female sex, and we are not helping each other or ourselves by blaming each other for sexism.

Kim K isn’t creating sexist attitude or societal pressure, she’s just a pawn and a trap that we’ve all fallen into at one point. With her husband $53 billion in debt, a TV show, and plenty of other business entities she’s definitely keeping her family afloat, and how she plans to live her life isn’t any of my concern unless I make it mine.

Now let’s turn the tables a little bit. I already said that being a woman is different for everyone, we all live different lives. So do men, but you don’t see men posting countless (and I mean countless) amount of essays, blogs, tweets etc about what is is to be masculine, and if they are or aren’t manly enough. Justin Beiber gets his cock out every now and then, but you don’t see men calling him out because it makes them feel less manly. When did you ever hear someone accusing him of ruining the sanctity of manhood? Who cares what he does- it doesn’t make anyone else less of a man. So how does Kim K make us any less women? How does she make herself any less an ambassador for women’s rights just by reminding us she has a cracking figure? She doesn’t, and we need to stop tearing each other down for it.

Let get serious again. It’s not all our fault, and in all honesty, we know it’s hard to live up to societies expectations to be both loud, quiet, sexy and coy at the same time. Personally, I think it leaves us subconsciously cowering in fear that our empowerment could be snatched away from us at the last minute, but bollocks to that. Do what makes you happy and let others do that too, and then just maybe the feminism club could become obsolete.


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